Eligh – Grey Crow – Belo the Flo – E12

Belotheflo Podcast Episode 12 In this episode of Belotheflo, the gang review one of Jose’s favorite albums of all time, the 2010 release Grey Crow by Eligh. Jazz shares a feel good family story, and Jose and Bora shit on a fantasy football trade that Jazz made in their league.

The first of the Living Legends crew takes some heat from the Belo the Flobots. Eligh’s 2010 solo album Grey Crow is the subject of this cast in which the fellas have some dated discussion on Fantasy Football. But this ‘guest-less’ episode peruses some comical subject’s like Jose’s daytime drinking, Bora sings the Chili Peppers, and Jazz takes some blows for some Fantasy Football moves.

Note: In ful disclosure, Jazz ended up winning the league mentioned in this episode.