Blackalicious – Blazing Arrow – Belo the Flo – E13

One has not lived until one has heard the escapades and antics of Kris aka Kristoph AKA (Instagram) @taste_of_entropy. Kris joins the crew this week to discuss and rate the Hip Hop classic Blazing Arrow by Blackalicious. It’s pretty clear the BtF kats are fans of Gift of Gab and Chief Xcel.  But back to Kris… he demonstrates that he is an one book with a range of subjects breaching beer thieving antics, impoverished upbringing, and sexual exploits… romantic hijinks, and daring feats of erotic exploration. Jazz has a moment to get some shit off his chest, Bora chimes in with precision timing (he and Kris are like an old married couple when it comes to feeding off each other), and Identities divulges a tale of the Boise fight scene.