Royce da 5’9″ – Rock City – Belo the Flo – E8

The Belo the Flo squad take it back to the Platinum Era of Hip Hop to review the Royce da 5’9″ 2001 debut release Rock City. Opinions about the album differ, but one thing is for certain… Bora’s little league football coach knows how to “pump up” his team before the game by jamming some classics in his van. We have a special featured guest Applestem AKA Charlie Apple AKA Chuck AKA Char-less Holmes who founded the group Blue Collar Theory with Belo the Flo cast-member, Identities AKA Jose. The crew also shares songs of nostalgia that transport them to the days of talent-show rapping and maxima space cruises.

One comment

  1. youKnowWhoTheFuckThisIs · February 8

    I was about to get on here and talk a bunch of ignorant shit, but Bora and Jose have done enough of that. Throughout the entire podcast the sentiment is overwhelmingly positive and these silly fucks drop a 2. There’s no logical argument that can be made, musically, culturally, lyrically, etc., that results in this album earning a 2 . If you just like sounding like fucking clowns, alright, to each his own. Otherwise some retractions need to be made.