2017 Top Albums – Belo the Flo – E6 – Part 1

PART 1 – The Belo the Flo squad reviews each of their top 3 albums, featuring Chief Edits. This episode is lengthy, but if you stick with us for both parts, you will be rewarded with a slurring loving cast member.

Run the Jewels – RTJ2 – Belo the Flo – E5

El P and Killer Mike take some flack from the Belo the Flo squad for staying in their lane in regard to style. Run the Jewels 2 is dissected in episode 5. The crew also plays a game which is not introduced well, and is…

Blu – Below the Heavens – Belo the Flo – E3

“Modern classic” seems to be the theme of this cast. All three of the Belo the Flo crew have high praise to share when divulging opinions on this high quality release by MC Blu and producer Exile. The snappy drums and well placed and expertly…

Big K.R.I.T. – Return of 4 Eva – E2

In this episode Bora, Jose, and Jazz discuss the modern southern classic Return of 4 Eva by Big K.R.I.T. We also do a Fantasy Draft to create a superteam of 3 Rappers, 2 Producers, and a Singer to create an album for our alien overlords.

Madvillain – Madvillainy – Belo the Flo – E1

In this episode Bora, Jose, and Jazz discuss the Madvillainy by the group Madvillain consisting of the talented produce Madlib and the MC MF Doom. The BF Squad also prosecutes a middle of the mall rapper for his crimes against hip hop.

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